Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Rainbow Brigade Is Pissing Me OFF!!!

Ok, I don't know if any of you have heard about the shit storm that was brought up a week or so ago, but a 15 year old gay student was sent home from a school in middle Tennessee because he was wearing a shirt that said "I <3 Lady Gay Gay" and was told to change the shirt, and return to school. Guess what happened? The kid started crying that he was being singled out because he's gay. Here comes the fairy parade to the rescue! Perez Hilton and Lady GaGa spoke out about it, throwing a fit, and adding to the bullshit of it being an act of prejudice. Lady GaGa has officially lost any respect I ever had for her. She could have tried to calm the situation down, but instead chose provoke it, and make it even worse. Children who go to school with this kid have said he wears women's clothes and make up to school every day, and the faculty let it go. His own mother even admitted on the news that he had worn shirts to school before that said "gay" but had never been sent home for it. He had gotten into a fight with a girl (yep..) a week before, and the principal was afraid this shirt would cause more of a disruption. Basically what this means is... school dress codes only apply to straight people? When I went to school, our dress code was strict, and applied to everyone. I got in trouble for wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt once. Did I run and cry that my freedom of speech was being stomped on? No, I didn't wear the fucking shirt back to school. Some people are just too stupid to figure that one out I guess. What pisses me off is stupid fucks like this who think that the rules apply to everyone but them, and if you enforce a rule they don't like, they have being gay to fall back on as an excuse as to why it should be ok just for them. Tell me this. If I walk around in a shirt that says "Glad to be straight!" on it, do you think they'd bitch about it? You're fucking right they would. So after some thought about this, I have completely figured these stupid fuckers game out. It's ALL about attention, and 99.99% of the time, the loud mouth gay activist asshole is going to be a motherfucker like Perez Hilton. Ones who thrive on nothing more than drawing attention to himself. Students have posted that the kid wearing the shirt is exactly like this. Anyway... these fucks LOVE to do stupid shit, dress like a complete retard, act rudely in public, all for the attention. It's not that people hate gay people, it's that people hate attention whores. I know you're proud to be gay. If you're gay, you're gay, big fucking deal. Be gay. Suck so much dick your nose turns inside out. But shut the fuck up about it. Seriously, no one cares. You know why men love lesbians? It's not because we like to watch em fuck each other.. (well....) No.. it's because they know how to keep their fucking mouths shut. They're gay. They don't run around screaming it. They don't have to paint themselves up like a white trash rodeo clown to express it. Is it ok when straight people walk around talking about how straight they are? How about wearing a shirt that says "I'm a man, and I love the vagina"? Huh? Is that ok? No. You know why? Because we're straight. But apparently it should be ok for a homo to act like this. Obnoxious is obnoxious. It doesn't matter what you like sticking your penis in, or whatever it is that lesbians do... the same rules apply to you. It's people like this that give homosexuality the bad name that it has. Seriously. Need an example? Watch Zach & Miri Make A Porno. Justin Long plays a gay man in that movie and he's fucking hilarious. I'd hang out with someone like that. Here, in case you haven't seen it, here's the video clip of him from the movie.

Like I said, if you're gay, fine. But don't think the rules don't apply to you. People like this don't want equal rights. They want gay rights, and straight rights. They want to do whatever they want, and it to be ok, but if you're straight, don't even think about it. Because that would make you a prejudice asshole. Now I'm going to drop the bomb on these fuckers. I'm going to tell you the absolute worst thing you could do to these people. And it should be done to EVERY.. FUCKING.. ONE of them. Are you ready? No its not torture. Not castration. Not praying for them. Not hanging or crucifying or other public display of murder. Here's the WORST thing you could do. Ready? Wait for it. Ignore them. THERE! I said it. These fucks CRAVE attention. They need it. They eat, breathe, and shit attention. When you take that attention away, it's like taking a major component out of a motor, then trying to crank it. It'll go haywire and blow the fuck up. Yes, if you ignore these flamboyant drama loving fucktards, they'll go bat shit crazy. They'll chew their own fucking tongues off in the middle of the mall to get you to look at them or talk about them. Why? Because they love to be hated. They want it. They NEED it! So they can say they're being shit on. They NEED that excuse because it's the only one they have. The absolute LAST thing they want is equal rights because then they'd be treated the same as everyone else. The principal at that school did the right thing. They have been TOO lenient on this kid, and when they finally apply the rules to him, he runs screaming that his rights are being trampled on. You're 15 fucking years old, you have no rights yet. Your rights are go to school. Learn. Shut the fuck up. If there's a gay rally at this school, I hope the straight students wear a shirt to school stating their sexual preference. But, you know what that would mean? Yep that's right. Prejudice assholes. It's ok to be and "loud and proud" but only if you're gay. Such fucking bullshit. So in closing, if you see these painted up, women's clothes wearing dumbshits out anywhere, don't point and stare. Don't cuss them. Don't throw shit at them. Don't preach to them. Ignore them. It's like a red hot knife right to their balls. They want you to hate them and provoke them. They need being gay as an excuse to break the rules. Take that excuse away from them. Take a lesson from the lesbians. If you're going to be gay, by all means go for it. But SHUT THE FUCK UP about it.